Marilyn Monroe Trumps Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston in Best Beach Body Poll

Marilyn Monroe
Photo: Getty Images
Marilyn Monroe flaunts her famous curves.

You know you're good when, nearly 50 years after your death, people are still talking about how smokin' you look in a swimsuit.

Just ask Marilyn Monroe, who has topped a Debenhams/Slimming World poll asking shoppers to rank the Top 20 Best Beach Bodies of All Time, the Daily Mail reports.

It seems we still can't quite shake Norma Jeane's womanly curves, though a few modern-day voluptuous babes have come closest to trying. Christina Hendricks' sexy hourglass shape clinched her second place, while Kim Kardashian—who sports a bikini top in her March Allure shoot—placed fourth, just after Bond babe Ursula "Honey Ryder" Andress.

"Our results tell us that looking great on the beach is not about being the thinnest or the youngest woman around," says Debenhams spokeswoman Sasha Nagalingham, adding that the British department store had seen a 58 percent increase in the sale of bust-enhancing bikinis.

"Women are increasingly appreciative of figures that symbolize all the great things about womanhood."

Indeed, the list features an interesting mix of classic bikini moments from Raquel Welch (#6), Brooke Shields (#14), and Goldie Hawn (#20), while seventh-place Helen Mirren edged out the likes of Scarlett Johansson (#8), Beyoncé (#12), Tyra Banks (#13), Elle Macpherson (#15), Kim Cattrall (#16), Rihanna (#17), Sharon Stone (#18), and Jennifer Aniston (#19).

Lean frames, however, didn't fare quite so well. Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham just missed making the cut after placing 21st and 22nd, respectively.

So, will we remember Kate Upton's bikini figure 50 years from now? Only time will tell ...