Elle Macpherson’s ‘Fashion Star’ to Compete with ‘Project Runway’

elle macpherson
Photo: Getty Images
Elle Macpherson will host NBC’s ‘Fashion Star.’

Those designers on Lifetime’s Project Runway are about to get a run for their fabric: NBC has announced that it is developing a style-based reality show of its own called Fashion Star.

While the series will see people competing for a multimillion-dollar contract and a spot in top retail stores, Fashion Star—hosted by supermodel Elle Macpherson—is no Project Runway knockoff, reports the New York Times.

Instead of coming from the world of high-end fashion, the contestants are cut from a different cloth and will include designers of swimsuits, lingerie, jeans, and surf wear. Retail buyers will be on hand to help decide which of them has what it takes to succeed.

And here’s something that should give viewers a real charge: Each week, the winning and losing designs will be available for purchase online. Fashion Star producer Ben Silverman told the Times that making the items immediately accessible should guarantee that the show is a hit, and pointed to CBS’s success with the Victoria’s Secret runway broadcasts as an example.

So should we expect to see panties on parade on Fashion Star?

Said Silverman, “Women and men wearing undergarments always seems to do great.”

Indeed, just watch Megan Fox and Rafael Nadal in their respective Giorgio Armani Underwear video campaigns.