Baz Luhrmann's 'Great Gatsby' Trailer Revives Jazz Age Trends

We're excitedly counting down to December 25, and for once, it's not so we can start bumping to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on repeat.

From the first camera pan over a New York of old, set to the pulsating beats of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and The-Dream's "No Church in the Wild," the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby isn't diminishing any of the hype built up for hotly-awaited film, set to release on Christmas Day.

Who better to document the excess of West Egg than Luhrmann, the always-original director of 1996's Romeo + Juliet, featuring a Hawaiian-shirted Leonardo DiCaprio, and Moulin Rouge, starring Nicole Kidman as a tubercular call girl?

Applause to the music supervisor who chose the "Watch the Throne" song that ends with "When we die the money we can't keep/But we probably spend it all cause the pain ain't cheap" to open the ultimately tragic story. Here, Leo pairs up with Luhrmann again as a dapper Jay Gatsby, clad in fitted suits and throwing orgiastic parties with the hopes of reclaiming the quintessentially glam—not to mention married—Daisy Buchanan, played by newlywed Carey Mulligan.

Now that we've adequately recounted your dog-eared Spark Notes of yore, let's move onto the key element of this trailer: the style!

Mulligan's just-auctioned Prada gown, worn for her hosting duties at this month's Met Gala, was quite the reflective number, and it's clear to see the actress could have very well developed a taste for the metallic during her on-set immersion in all things eye-catching and glitzy.

With Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher, and even Gemma Ward (can you spot her?) co-starring, the real spectacle is the Tiffany's-designed jewelry. Gorgeous rings, stacked bracelets, ornate headpieces (we spot a muted version at Rodarte Fall 2012)- we would not have wanted to be the insurance agent tasked with keeping tabs on the baubles.

Before Dolce & Gabbana paraded black-and-gold down the runway for Fall, Frida Giannini chose the same color theme for Gucci's Spring 2012. Her nod to the Roaring '20's was fully realized with dropped waists and heavy, beaded fringe. You can nearly hear the dresses clack around as the closely bobbed Zeldas do the Charleston. Just another sign that Jazz Age trends are about to take the States by sartorial storm.

Never have we been so disappointed that it's May.