Men Who Wear Purple are Luckier in Love, Study Shows

Photo: Getty Images
Smitten by the purple shade: He got the girl!

While oxblood may be the color of Fall and sorbet shades were all over the Spring 2013 runway, this color analysis is one for the gents to consider.

Forget corny pick-up lines, throw on a plum button-up and wait for the ladies to come lining up.

According to the Telegraph U.K, purple is the color of love, with statistics in a recent study showing that wearing a purple top gives men a leg up in the dating world.

Conducted by British laundry detergent brand Ariel, 2,000 people were polled to discern whether a man is more likely to secure a date if he's wearing a purple shirt. 36 percent of the women revealed that a man wearing purple stood more of a chance of getting a number.

So guys, ditch those rugged plaids for some delicate purples: Think lilac, plum, violet or lavender if you really want those digits.