Working Men Seek Style Advice, Dressing Help from Women, Study Finds

man tie

Photo: Kent Larsson/ Getty Images

Survey says men get office style advice from the women in their lives.

Ah, men. Can't live with them, they can't live without us. Or, at least, our fashion sense.

According to a new study from British menswear chain High and Mighty, 60 percent of working men consult their wives and girlfriends on their wardrobe before heading out to the office, the Daily Mail reports.

It gets better, ladies. One in five guys admits to preferring to have a partner choose his outfit the night before. (Why is it we never seem to date these guys?)

The study also found that many men trust a woman's judgment more than their own when it comes to sartorial matters.

Of those surveyed, 58 percent relied on partners to adjust their tie, 43 percent to straighten their collar, 36 percent to sort out their cuff links, and 29 percent to button up their shirts.

Women (or, in the case of single men, family members) were also trusted to shop and select clothes for men, with underwear, socks and shirts being the most commonly chosen items.

"Looking your best for the office is really important," High and Mighty director Gill Politis told the British paper.

"It comes as no surprise to me that the majority of men are dressed by their wife or partner as we see many of our customers coming into store and waiting patiently while their other half picks out what they think will look best."

And research found that a man is more resistant to a woman's touch the older he gets. Men aged 18 to 24 were most likely to let their lady dress them for work, while 35-to-44-year-olds were least likely to do so.

Hmmm. Wonder if David Beckham lets Victoria pick out those undies. We'd love that job!

Meanwhile, a recent study found that seven out of 10 women give their men makeovers.