Carine Roitfeld in Talks to Design Cosmetics Line

 carine roitfeld
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Carine Roitfeld brings her signature smokey eyes and full brows to New York Fashion Week.

Behold, the power of suggestion! Just weeks after we put Carine Roitfeld on our wish of possible MAC collaborators, the former Vogue Paris editrix has revealed that she may be creating her own beauty line.

"I am working on some ideas but it won’t be next season–a lot of people like my style, so I am in talks about doing a line," the in-demand Parisienne tells Dazed & Confused's Jefferson Hack. "I am looking at launching a cosmetics line, too—there is a brand that loves my look and wants me to put my name to a line, so my name could become a brand."

While we start fantasizing about all the sooty eyeliner in our near future, Roitfeld also announces that she's no longer content to simply guest-edit a magazine or star on its cover.

"I am also putting a dream team together to make a magazine," says the style icon, whose book, Irreverent, launches in October. "It’s an ambition of mine to make a really iconic magazine that’s fresh and exciting ..."

"There is no value in it being in French, it needs to be international and in English. It will be something less frequent than a monthly to make it more iconic, more collectable. I want to make something really beautiful, chic, different … I have to find a new way, so I am dreaming about it and working it out."

Whatever it is, we're certain it will follow Roitfeld's envelope-pushing example. The Barneys campaign star credits her instincts for helping her successfully take risks, such as the time she featured Kate Moss as a Vogue Paris guest-editor just as the model went into rehab.

"Everyone jumped on me saying ‘Oh, Carine, you need to stop the issue because you’re going to lose advertisers, they’ll never follow you if you promote Kate,'" Roitfeld tells Hack, who happens to be the father of Moss's daughter, Lila Grace.

"It’s bulls--t. I would never have stopped it. We finished the issue without her and put four covers of her on the front, it was amazingly beautiful and sold very well. Three months later Kate got back all the advertising she lost, so I was totally right to follow my idea. Kate is exactly the type of girl we love at French Vogue—she’s beautiful, and not politically correct."

Sounds familiar!

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