Carine Roitfeld’s Fashion Line in Production?

kate moss vogue paris

Photo: Twitter

 Is this label proof of a Carine Roitfeld fashion line? 

A London It girl’s recent tweet has the Internet buzzing that Carine Roitfeld’s next big project might be her own clothing line.

Amber Atherton, a 19-year-old fashion student, model, and jewelry mogul, tweeted a picture on April 21 of what appears to be a lace tank top with a label that says “Carine Roitfeld.”

“Carine Roitfeld's new womenswear label?! … or just an odd HK label mishap?!” Atherton wrote in the caption. (HK presumably stands for Hong Kong, where Atherton was born and still frequents.)

We’re guessing it’s the latter—a label mishap, that is—but that won’t stop Roitfeld’s die-hard fans from hoping.

“Dare I suggest they are already working on the look book for the premiere CR collection?” writes the blog I Want to Be a Roitfeld. “Say it’s so … ”

One thing’s for sure: Whether it’s her autobiography, her Barneys gig, or a potential clothing line, Roitfeld is relishing her newfound freedom.

“Ten years is a long time—and especially 10 years in a gilded cage,” she said in a recent interview of her Vogue Paris days. “They were wonderful years; but, sooner or later, birds want their freedom again.”