Duran Duran’s ‘Girl Panic!’ Video - First Look

Is it just us, or is Duran Duran looking way hotter these days?

For the band's highly anticipated "Girl Panic!" video, our beloved British boys are replaced by none other than Naomi Campbell (Simon Le Bon), Eva Herzigova (Nick Rhodes), Cindy Crawford (John Taylor), Helena Christensen (Roger Taylor), and Simon's wife Yasmin Le Bon (an anonymous guitarist). Upgrade?

The black and white video, shot by Jonas Akerlund at London's Savoy Hotel and styled by Dolce & Gabbana and Swarovski Elements, begins with a fur-clad Campbell awakening to a bed piled with passed-out groupies in bondage gear.

Herzigova, meanwhile, strolls along the Thames sporting a sequin-flecked jumpsuit and red lips, while Crawford—rocking a green python pencil skirt and matching fur jacket—chugs a bottle of champagne in the back of her limo.

Keyboardist Rhodes has a cameo as a bellhop lugging Christensen as she snoozes on a stack of Louis Vuitton luggage, while Le Bon delivers her a fresh bottle of bubbly that fuels a montage of intense partying and lots of girl-on-girl smooches.

The band members also play journalists as the supermodels give behind-the-scenes interviews as their rock 'n' roll alter egos, talking bad reviews, addictions, and fashion.

"I'm nostalgic for the old days," says Crawford, working a sexy leather suit. "You know, the shoulder pads, the big hair ... this is a little throwback to that look."

"I feel very fortunate, after all this time, I'm still hitting it hard," adds Christensen.

Now that's a statement that could be true of the band as well as the beauties. Well done!

Meanwhile, see the Harper's Bazaar U.K. cover devoted to the supermodel music video.