Topshop: Florence Welch Collaboration a ‘Flattering Rumor’

florench welch topshop collaboration
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Rumors of a Florence Welch-Topshop collaboration have been denied.

Way to get our hopes up, gossip mill!

Topshop is dismissing reports that it will be collaborating on a fashion collection with flame-haired singer Florence Welch.

"It's quite a flattering rumor, but that is all," a Topshop spokesperson tells FashionEtc.

The Florence and The Machine frontwoman, who has already teamed up with Gucci on her tour costumes and inspired Mulberry's red manes for Spring 2011, was rumored to be teaming up with stylist Aldene Johnson for a collaboration with the high-street retailer, according to the Daily Mail.

"Florence wants it [the collection] to reflect her eclectic, quirky style," a source told the British newspaper. "She has thousands of unique pieces, everything from vintage gowns to garments she’s been given by Karl Lagerfeld, and would love to work with Aldene to create a line inspired by her wardrobe, like Kate Moss did."

For now, however, Topshop—which has also denied rumored collaborations with Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow in recent months—has no plans to work with the singer, though it did design stage costumes for her in 2009.

But there is one collaboration they can confirm: a collection of coats from eco-conscious wool label Izzy Lane, which will launch at its upcoming Chicago store this October, Women's Wear Daily reports.

Silver linings, folks. Silver linings.