Hunter Spring 2012 bags

You know what makes for an excellent market appointment when it's pouring out? Hunter Boots. They're my rain boot of choice but barring that, what else do you want to look at but chic trenches and waterproof wellies when it's raining sideways? (Photos of Fiji notwithstanding.)

Did you know about the outerwear? Because I always associate Hunter with just the boots. But oh no! There are trenches, capes, jackets—really a silhouette for everyone from your kid sister to you to your mother. And the bags! Never underestimate a good totebag. The colors are vibrant—orange, yellow, white—and I love a good leather…anything. But the rubber bags are what got me. Yes, rubber. Think waterproof, perfect for dire days like today.

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Kara Ross jewelry

My second stop today was Kara Ross, who makes the most beautiful jewelry. It's no secret that I love a good a bauble. But add a stone to it and I go weak in the knee. (Just noting that my hair is doing a little Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 frizz action, though not quite as chic.)

Kara works with a variety of stones and materials to create a costume line (as opposed to her equally stunning but much higher end fine line). Necklaces (top right) are made with exotic skins and stones placed over them—to an incredible effect. The skins were also used in geometric cuffs and necklaces.

Resin and druzy stones came together in a series of cuffs and rings, in very gorgeous spring colors (white, blue, gold—even in wood versions). I love how light these were—you can stack them on without being weighed down. And—right on trend!—Kara had a few sea themes. The aquatic life is hot, people.

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 Madewell Spring 2012

There's something about braving a wall of rain to go look at clothes and accessories that makes you wonder about life. And as you ponder your current existential crisis, you realize, despite your now-frizzed out hair and soaked-through vintage burgundy booties, your life is still pretty damn awesome, so quit complaining. So went my thought process while trying to hail a cab this morning. But all in all, today was chock full of fantastic items, and my feet have nearly dried out.

My first stop of the day was at Madewell, where I got to see the Spring 2012 collection as well as J.Crew's spring accessories (they're sister companies). I have to say Madewell just does it right. Each season their clothes get cuter, chicer, and just so wearable. No wonder they're always on everyone's must-buy list.

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