Market Watch: Hunter Boots

Hunter Spring 2012 bags

You know what makes for an excellent market appointment when it's pouring out? Hunter Boots. They're my rain boot of choice but barring that, what else do you want to look at but chic trenches and waterproof wellies when it's raining sideways? (Photos of Fiji notwithstanding.)

Did you know about the outerwear? Because I always associate Hunter with just the boots. But oh no! There are trenches, capes, jackets—really a silhouette for everyone from your kid sister to you to your mother. And the bags! Never underestimate a good totebag. The colors are vibrant—orange, yellow, white—and I love a good leather…anything. But the rubber bags are what got me. Yes, rubber. Think waterproof, perfect for dire days like today.

Hunter Spring 2012 boots

But onto the boots, which is why we're all here, right? There were some really adorable sandal and loafer offerings, even an espadrille. But I always love how Hunter plays around with the rain boot, making them sexy and fun. Lace-up high heel boots? Done! Wedges? They have them. Clogs? Try something harder. And for purists out there, the classic boot is available, as is a variation and in new colorways.

Makes a rainy day a bit sunnier, no?

The Spring 2012 collection will be in stores starting January. For a list of stores, go to

Photos: Offerings from Hunter's Spring 2012 collection