Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the most successful American fashion designer bar none. No American designer has come close to equaling his annual $5 billion revenue stream. He has succeeded in developing huge businesses with collections in men’s, women’s and children’s categories. But for many years the fashion cognoscente refused to give Ralph his due, calling him a glorified stylist and not a real designer. In fact, he out-designed virtually all of his peers, who for the most part knocked off European collections.

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Tom Ford

The fashion world needs Tom Ford. Clearly a talent in both design and marketing, he possesses enough visual charisma to make George Clooney jealous. Ford is desperately needed to retake his place in the first tier of fashion designers and, more importantly, to restore star power to the fashion and style worlds.

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Saggy Pants Suspenders

If you look like a fool with your pants on the ground, just imagine how you’ll feel with a Subs garter-suspenders hybrid around your waist.

According to the New York Daily News, the $30 accessory is the brainchild of Harlem-based inventor Andrew Lewis, who felt that the world of men’s fashion needed a device to keep low-slung trousers in check.

Sold online at, the beltlike contraption clips onto the pants and boasts expandable straps that determine how low the wearer wants to go.

“Sagging is a huge issue in my community,” Lewis told the paper. “I spent a lot of time observing, and I noticed that even for saggers, there is a point [at] which even they’re not comfortable with how their jeans were falling.” Add a comment

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