Tom Ford: The Second Coming

Tom Ford

The fashion world needs Tom Ford. Clearly a talent in both design and marketing, he possesses enough visual charisma to make George Clooney jealous. Ford is desperately needed to retake his place in the first tier of fashion designers and, more importantly, to restore star power to the fashion and style worlds.

He is much too talented and sophisticated to resort to the silly trick he apparently pulled off with the secret, celebrity-filled Spring 2011 women’s collection. It is unbelievable that editors agreed to cover a collection with no photo access by Ford. It is becoming obvious that Web reporters have to find a way to neutralize the upper hand the designers have gained in this competitive medium. But the best—and Ford is certainly one of the best— often proceed in interesting and surprising ways.

Ford has a responsibility to the fashion and beauty world to stand up and provide the industry with leadership. By now, he should be refreshed from his sabbatical, and one would have hoped his filmmaking itch had been scratched. However, he is talking about a second movie.

The fashion world needs Ford to focus on great clothes, to sell them, and to make fashion fun again. He has proven that he is a star, and his good sense to build his new collection off of the body of work created by the greatest designer of them all—Yves Saint Laurent—proves his fashion acumen.

With his unusual marketing/public-relations ploy, Ford has injected joie de vivre back into the fashion equation. He is a great talent and a star, to boot. The Tom Fords of the world do not grow on trees.

Welcome back, MR. FORD.