Market Watch: Madewell


Running around a soggy, windy city is not exactly fun. But going to Madewell's Fall 2011 preview makes up for soaked Repetto's. (Why oh why didn't I wear wellies today?) Walking in, I first noticed some great outerwear. I know, big shock. But put me in a room with knits and jackets and I'm a happy girl.

The next thing I spied, however, was a table with two strangely attired people sitting there. Bright red wigs (think Ronald McDonald-red), sunglasses, and scarves covered any hint of their identities, but we all knew who they were: They were the Bumbys. Their schtick: Critique fashion crowds at fashion events. And so I submitted myself to their scrutiny, receiving a final score of 9.2 and a typed card of their assessment. Not bad considering I looked like a drowned rat today.


But back to Madewell and their clothes. Their accessories are a mix between preppy boots and heeled loafers and combat boots. My inner teen squealed with delight. They had a gorgeous gray striped poncho that I wish I was wearing instead of my wet coat. It's a very collegiate theme, or rather what I imagined college to be as a young girl. This would have been my dream wardrobe then, which means I kind of want everything. Loose, flowing, and easy to wear, Madewell is doing a fabulous job with their collection. I can't wait to see what they do next.

All items will hit stores in August.