Market Watch: Kara Ross

Kara Ross jewelry

My second stop today was Kara Ross, who makes the most beautiful jewelry. It's no secret that I love a good a bauble. But add a stone to it and I go weak in the knee. (Just noting that my hair is doing a little Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 frizz action, though not quite as chic.)

Kara works with a variety of stones and materials to create a costume line (as opposed to her equally stunning but much higher end fine line). Necklaces (top right) are made with exotic skins and stones placed over them—to an incredible effect. The skins were also used in geometric cuffs and necklaces.

Resin and druzy stones came together in a series of cuffs and rings, in very gorgeous spring colors (white, blue, gold—even in wood versions). I love how light these were—you can stack them on without being weighed down. And—right on trend!—Kara had a few sea themes. The aquatic life is hot, people.

Kara Ross cork clutch

Her bags—more skins!—were a fabulous array of clutches and minaudieres. But what I pounced on a cork bag. Cork. Seriously. Who knew the material was so malleable?

Some of my favorite pieces included the pink sapphire rings (it seems to be the stone of the season) and earrings. Kara combined them with turquoise after a trip to Venice. It's quite the color combo and frankly, would look amazing on anyone.

The jewelry is available starting January and is sold on

Photos: Jewelry (top) and bags (bottom) by Kara Ross