Fashion Week Diary: J.Crew's NYFW Debut, Badgley Mischka's Pretty Dresses, and Zicam

Karen Walker, Badgley Mischka  J.Crew Spring 2012 runways

Photos: Imaxtree

Looks from the Karen Walker, Badgley Mischka and J.Crew Spring 2012 runways 

Fashion Week Diary, Day 6.

The inevitable has happened. I caught the Fashion Week cold. Every season editors fall to a virus, and since there are no sick days this week, we get everyone else sick. Sorry, seat mates. Today is very much brought to you by Zicam and Advil Cold and Sinus.

I started this day (sore throat and all) by heading to the J.Crew presentation. Today is all about comfort, so I'm pretty much in a muu muu. A DVF muu muu, but a muu muu all the same. (Three guesses as to what the secret word of the day is?) I totally missed Beyonce! That's what I get for being early. If I had swanned in late I'd have seen her glory with my own eyes. But I was there for the clothes. And what togs! Jenna Lyons has really upped the ante with J.Crew. The pieces on display could rival any other presentation or show at Lincoln Center, which says a lot. There was color-blocking (and fuchsia with orange—one of my favorite color combos), peplums, loose cotton dresses, stripes, and paisley. Speaking of peplums—did all the designers get together over brunch one day and say, why yes, let's do peplums? Love that they're here, but they're so here.

I popped into Badgley Mischka after J.Crew. The BM show is always good for seeing pretty gowns and pretty girls. Just the sort of pick-me-up I needed today. Soft pastel strapless gowns (with peplums!) gave way to brighter oranges, metallic florals, and bright pink. But the neutrals they sent out were actually my favorite. Sheer evening palazzo pants (you read correctly) in gold embroidery with a blush colored romper was really chic. And the emerald leather (leatha!) jacket made me smile.

I'd love to tell you how wonderful my next show was but I failed in getting there. Epically so. Not only did I think that Karen Walker was a presentation at Milk at 1 pm, but once I realized my error (it was at noon at Exit Art), I got stuck in traffic en route. I ran up to the venue just as her publicists were leaving. The award for saddest effort to get to a show goes to this girl, right here. (Let's chalk this one up to my cold, shall we?) From the photos, it was an adorable collection of prints, dresses, and sunglasses.

I dejectedly got into a cab and headed to the Standard Hotel to see Chadwick Bell. To be honest, I had no idea who this was but I was going to find out. The eponymous line debuted in 2009, and the designer's bio says he melds European tailoring with an American sensibility. Translation: Pretty draped dresses, bustier tops with full gowns, and strapless looks. The presentation was jam-packed, so expect to be seeing more of this guy. He's someone I'd like to see evolve over the seasons.

My day ended at Narciso Rodriguez. I have to admit I was expecting some super minimal, body-con dresses and he gave us the opposite. I love when you're totally surprised at a show like that. The clothes weren't so different from his usual aesthetic that they were revolutionary; but they were certainly not what I expected. And I liked them. (For more on Narciso Rodriguez, read the review.) Goes to show, you should never assume.

And now, it's Nyquil time. Tomorrow is a big, big day so must rest up. For more of my Fashion Week adventures, read what happened yesterday.