Most market appointments offer you the chance to browse through clothes, which is usually enough of a draw for me. Sometimes a glass of champagne or a sweet snack is also offered—bonus! But Factory PR’s Spring 2012 press preview offered something entirely unexpected: a psychic.

Roxanne Hulderman welcomed me into her candlelit corner with a hug, taking a small article of mine (my tiny rose gold ring) to get those psychic juices flowing.

After a few questions, she told me that I’m going to write a wildly successful novel; someday I’ll have a daughter; my soon-to-be sister-in-law, an artist, is going to win an award for her work; and that my late grandmothers are very present in my life, in the silver bangles I never take off (they were my mother’s mother’s) and particularly when I wear bright red lipstick, a signature of both.

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Trina Turk Spring 2012

I realize I often say I'm in love with something I come across at a market appointment, but today I really was! Perhaps it was the doom and gloom outside—I forgot my umbrella to combat the drizzle—but walking into Trina Turk's Mediterranean paradise was rather uplifting.

The Spring 2012 clothes had two themes: yachting around Greece (yes, please) and a more upper crust, east coast preppy vacation. All very colorful, bold, and so very fun. If I clicked my motorcycle boots together three times perhaps I'd end up somewhere sunny? Nope, they just got more scuffed.

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Tadashi Shoji Spring 2012

One of the great (and exhausting) things about my schedule is that just when the runway shows end, Market begins. All those amazing collections I unfortunately missed due to schedule conflicts I can now see up close and in person. Not a bad gig, right?

So, I headed off to Tadashi Shoji, who makes the loveliest cocktail dresses and gowns. For spring, Shoji was inspired by tulips, and you can see that by the hand-painted work on the dresses. They're stunning, and the showroom felt like springtime. Granted the unseasonably warm day helped.

Naturally, I was drawn to a black lace number. Just because it feels like spring, doesn't mean I have to dress like it.

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