Market Watch: Miansai


Most market appointments offer you the chance to browse through clothes, which is usually enough of a draw for me. Sometimes a glass of champagne or a sweet snack is also offered—bonus! But Factory PR’s Spring 2012 press preview offered something entirely unexpected: a psychic.

Roxanne Hulderman welcomed me into her candlelit corner with a hug, taking a small article of mine (my tiny rose gold ring) to get those psychic juices flowing.

After a few questions, she told me that I’m going to write a wildly successful novel; someday I’ll have a daughter; my soon-to-be sister-in-law, an artist, is going to win an award for her work; and that my late grandmothers are very present in my life, in the silver bangles I never take off (they were my mother’s mother’s) and particularly when I wear bright red lipstick, a signature of both.

(Good news on all fronts—which makes this skeptical girl oh-so-inclined to believe every word.)

But back to those bangles. I’m not really one for those so-called arm parties—while I love a mess of colorful bracelets on others, I tend to stick to my three silver bangles and a stray gold one here or there. One of my strongest memories of my grandmother is the way she jingled everywhere she went, and I’d love to be able to impress that memory on my aforementioned future daughter and maybe even grandkids some day. So while I keep it classic, what could be the harm in throwing another sleek bangle to the mix? If nothing else, I could add a new musical note to my wrist jingles, no?

Enter Miansai, a jewelry line by Michael Saiger. (I was at a press preview, remember.) While the brand had a major moment this summer with its hook and rope bracelets, I was drawn more toward the metal offerings—particularly a brass cuff that fastened with a screwed-in bar.

Sleek, shiny, and classic (Nana would approve) but with a slight utilitarian bent (what could be more no-nonsense than a bolt fastener?), I might have just found my new must-have.

And there's good news for all you arm-party enthusiasts: For spring, the brand will also have plenty of those colorful, nautical leather and rope bracelets that close with shiny hooks or cute anchors, perfect as a friendship bracelet or a base for more-is-more stacking.

Me? I'll be sticking with my bangles. Who can argue with a psychic?