Market Watch: Trina Turk

Trina Turk Spring 2012

I realize I often say I'm in love with something I come across at a market appointment, but today I really was! Perhaps it was the doom and gloom outside—I forgot my umbrella to combat the drizzle—but walking into Trina Turk's Mediterranean paradise was rather uplifting.

The Spring 2012 clothes had two themes: yachting around Greece (yes, please) and a more upper crust, east coast preppy vacation. All very colorful, bold, and so very fun. If I clicked my motorcycle boots together three times perhaps I'd end up somewhere sunny? Nope, they just got more scuffed.

Trina Turk Spring 2012

But what made me gasp out loud were the accessories. See, little known fact: accessories speak to me. Consider it my psychic gift. (I hear jewelry. Hmm, doesn't quite have the same ring of "I see dead people…") When I see something incredible, it calls out to me. Bags, jewelry, shoes—they just say, "Hey, Amina, you know you love me. And you know I love you." It's a sad statement on my life, granted, and PR gals are generally entertained as I try to explain this to them. But it's true. I'm the accessories whisperer. And what exactly were Trina Turk's accessories whispering to me? That I needed them. Alas, they're right. Add something else to my very long must-buy list.

All the glorious baubles, bags, swimwear, homeware (oh yes), evening gowns, and more hit retail starting in January.

Photos: Offerings from Trina Turk's Spring 2012 collection.