Kate Middleton: Top Beauty Icon of 2011

Kate and Pippa Middleton named beauty icons of 2011
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
The Duchess named top beauty icon of 2011

Their name may be Middleton, but Kate and Pippa are tops when it comes to inspiring beauty trends.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her breakout bridesmaid sister have taken first and second place, respectively, in a new poll naming the top beauty icons of 2011, the Daily Mail reports.

Conducted by British drugstore chain Superdrug, the poll of 3,000 women singled out Catherine's glossy brunette mane and love-it-or-hate-it eyeliner, while kid sister Pippa earned raves for her award-winning tan.

In a strong showing of support for brunette Brits, singer Cheryl Cole placed third on the list, while Rihanna (#4), Beyoncé (#7), Emma Watson (#8), Katy Perry (#9), Victoria Beckham (#10), Lady Gaga (#12), Adele (#16), Angelina Jolie (#18), Keira Knightley (#19), and Scarlett Johansson (#20) also won high marks for their beauty look.

"What is fascinating is that four of the five celebrity women to appear in the top five are brunettes, which would indicate that while blondes may have more fun, brunettes are seen to be more beautiful," Superdrug Director of Beauty Sara Wolverson tells the paper.

The survey also reveals what impact celebrities have on beauty trends and buying habits.

"We can see directly how changing celebrity trends affect our sales, from the 'Duchess effect' on sales of black eyeliner, to the 'Gaga effect' causing crazy nail art and our brightest cosmetics being a huge hit all year long, and Rihanna and Cheryl Cole's flirtation with vibrant red hair causing sales to rocket," Wolverson adds.

Meanwhile, Catherine has also topped several 2011 best-dressed lists.