Pippa Middleton Lands Best Tan for ‘Royal Mocha’ Glow

pippa middleton best tan
Photo: Getty Images
Bronzed beauty Pippa Middleton has been crowned the celebrity with the best tan.

Already credited with boosting sales of self-tanner by 219 percent, the beautifully bronzed Pippa Middleton has bagged yet another accolade.

The famous bridesmaid's "Royal Mocha" complexion—reportedly achieved via private airbrush tanning sessions—was voted the most desirable celebrity tan of 2011 in a new poll conducted by Britain's Really on Freeview channel, the Daily Mail reports.

With 60 percent of respondents behind her, Middleton fetched more than twice the number of votes received by second-place Cheryl Cole and her "Cappuccino" tan (26 percent), while British pop-singer-turned-reality-star Kerry Katona and her "Karrot" skintone were deemed the least desirable with just 1 percent of the vote.

"Our study shows that while it’s tempting to go overboard on the beach or with fake tan, this August a more natural color is most popular," Clare Laycock, head of the channel, tells the British newspaper.

The poll, which surveyed 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 44, also found that a tan made over half of the ladies feel sexier (echoing a recent Superdrug survey) and more confident when socializing, while 69 percent claimed to feel healthier and nearly 75 percent felt better about themselves.

But it's not just Miss Middleton's sun-kissed beauty that's winning her admiration. Despite losing to 66-year-old Helen Mirren in a Best Body poll, the royal in-law has "pipped" the likes of J.Lo and Kim K. to be the most-requested bottom at the plastic surgeon's office, Fox News reports.

"The latest craze here in the U.S. and all over the world is to get the Pippa Butt Lift," plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta tells the channel. "The iconic figures used to be Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, who have tremendous curves and large buttocks. Patients now want to be more proportionate, with buttocks that looks natural and sexy and go with the rest of their body.

"Once the breast implants reigned supreme, now it is the buttocks that are considered a woman’s best asset. And Pippa Middleton has become the new queen of the booty."

Wow ... two royals in the family? The Middletons must be beside themselves.