Watch Edina, Patsy, and Kate Moss in ‘Ab Fab’ Sport Relief Sketch

Now that we've learned all the words to "Zou Bisou Bisou" (thanks, Mad Men!), you can take a moment to enjoy last week's other major TV moment: Kate Moss and Stella McCartney on Absolutely Fabulous!

The stylish duo joined male model David Gandy for a fashionable cameo on the March 23 sketch in support of Britain's Sport Relief charity—and dare we say that Ms. Moss just might have what it takes to follow in the esteemed model-turned-actress footsteps of Milla Jovovich and, um, Cindy Crawford?

The sketch starts out with our gals Patsy and Edina—going for broke in fur and gold lamé—plotting their charitable efforts for Sport Relief, which include a workout session with Baby Spice (aka Emma Bunton) and a meeting with Moss, McCartney, and Gandy to discuss a magazine spread with a "sports are the new rock 'n' roll" theme.

While Eddy admits that she hopes the collaboration results in McCartney giving her "lots of free clothes," her beehived BFF appears to be one step ahead of her, toting around the designer's Falabella handbag.

Eddy is then whisked off to the gym, where she pants and pouts her way through a workout session with star athletes like boxer David Haye, who bears witness to her brawl with Baby (who sadly didn't have the backup of one Victoria "Posh" Beckham).

Meanwhile, armed with the advice, "darling, remember Stella doesn't eat fur," Patsy stumbles her way through her high fashion meeting about a shoot starring Moss and some Olympians (surely Team GB designer McCartney must know a few?).

After insulting Moss' age, praising Gandy for "his pants," and hearing McCartney diss her pal Eddy, Patsy can only look on in horror—and then order more champagne—as her black-and-blue bud is wheeled out on a stretcher. To be fair, though, we might have done the same thing in that crowd.

Now, is it too soon to demand a sequel?