Quick Look: Stella McCartney & Kate Moss's AbFab Appearance

As if we didn't need more of a reason to pop the champers and rummage for vintage Lacroix: a snippet of Stella McCartney and Kate Moss's upcoming guest shots on Absolutely Fabulous is here, and as predicted, hilarity ensues.

We don't want to spoil the 30-second tease, but Patsy Stone manages to make quite a presence immediately in front of the stylish duo. The acclaimed designer stumbles over the bouffanted Brit (and Alexis Bittar model)'s name, while the recent W Magazine cover girl appears utterly nonplussed by the booze-swilling and pill-popping that fashion editor fans of the BBC cult hit know and love. Might they all return for the movie?

The episode airs this Friday in the U.K. Glad to see Moss's cool girl streak hasn't been broken by her recent health concerns; we wouldn't expect anything less. For more fashionable figures gracing the small screen, check out everyone from Heidi Klum to Calvin Klein grabbing those Nielsen numbers.