‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Returning to TV - What Will They Wear?

abfab returns to television
Photo courtesy of the BBC
Absolutely Fabulous is returning to television.

Pop open the champers, dahling—the BBC announces that the hit British comedy Absolutely Fabulous will reel back onto television later this year.

The entire original cast reunites for three fashionably ridiculous (or ridiculously fashionable?) half-hour specials. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley return as Edina and Patsy, the booze-soaked, style-crazed best friends.

BBC promises that Eddy still works in fashion PR, while Patsy maintains a mysterious place in the magazine world. Let’s hope Patsy’s Ivana-esque blonde updo stays intact—a girl has to have someplace to smuggle illicit substances.

Jennifer Saunders says, “like a good bottle of champagne we hope that we have got better with time without losing any of our sparkle.” But AbFab last aired in 2003 and the fashion scene has changed dramatically since then.

Given Eddy’s tendency to chase after every over-the-top trend, we’re eager to see how she navigates the post-Gaga world. Will she stagger around in Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo shoes?

Besides, her favorite designer—Lacroix, sweetie—has since gone bankrupt. Which major label will she obsess over next? We’re picturing some of the kookier Prada and Marni looks, since they have the 1960s edge Eddy loves. And Patsy’s taste for snakeskin fits right into a Fall 2011 fad.

One thing is hard to imagine: Could the outrageous duo get on board with the current shift towards healthy living? After all, Patsy lived on cigarettes and bubbly; we can’t quite picture her with a nicotine patch.

BBC gives out a few hints for the shows. Eddy will be working with a high-profile client (read: major guest star) and her daffy, helium-voiced assistant Bubble will reveal a surprising skill (time management? krav maga?). The London 2012 Olympics will be involved as well.

Now let’s have some smoked salmon and nibbly things.

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