‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Movie in the Works

abfab returns to television
Photo courtesy of the BBC
Absolutely Fabulous the movie? A film adaptation of the series is in the works.

Marc Jacobs's upcoming cinematic turn as a porn baron is all well and good, but there's another piece of film news that really has us in a tizzy.

A film adaptation of '90s British comedy Absolutely Fabulous appears to be in the pipeline following an announcement from Jennifer Saunders that she is working on a script.

"I want to write Ab Fab: The Movie," Saunders, who played the gaudily dressed Edina, told the Sunday Times. "We'd have so much fun, and I've thought of a really nice idea.

"We thought it would be hilarious if [Edina and Patsy] went to a party on an oligarch's yacht, got drunk, fell asleep, and woke up in the middle of the ocean. Everyone else has left, and the ship has been moved on."

Overboard with a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking Patsy? We're dying, darling!

BBC Films boss Christine Langan has confirmed to Deadline that production on the film will get underway once Saunders finishes her work on Viva Forever, a musical about the Spice Girls (this just keeps getting better).

"I think she's a genius," Langan says. "I can't imagine anything more exciting than working with her."

In the meantime, let's not forget the 20th anniversary AbFab TV specials planned. We've got our DVR fired up and our Bubbles costume raring to go.