Mango Video Stars Kate Moss and Terry Richardson as Robbers

She may be one of the most powerful models in the world, but even Kate Moss isn't immune to the lure of a five-finger discount now and then ... at least on film.

The supermodel and fashion photographer Terry Richardson play thieves (donning Richardson masks, which probably won't throw the cops off) robbing a Mango boutique in a quirky new commercial for the Spanish retailer.

Directed by Richardson, The Great Escape sees the sneaky pair jumping into a getaway van with bags of stolen clothing. Clad in a sexy black bodysuit, Moss can't resist trying on her loot, merrily pulling on and off a striped tunic, animal-print top, and (big surprise) black furry coat as the van zooms along the streets of Paris.

While Richardson sticks to his signature red flannel shirt, Moss swipes on some eyeliner and a white blazer as the two reach their destination. The smooth criminals then run into a group of people wearing their own Richardson masks before hopping into an elevator to freedom.

Or not. The video was played at Mango's Fall 2011 fashion show in Paris and ended with the duo stepping on stage in the same getups. Guess that's what they call "hiding in plain sight."

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