Karl Lagerfeld Directs Rachel Bilson in 'Art Class' Film for Magnum

Ready for a second helping?

Karl Lagerfeld, Rachel Bilson, and Baptiste Giabiconi are back for another Magnum Ice Cream mini film, in which the chocolaty treat plays artistic muse.

Directed by Lagerfeld, Art Class sees Bilson—wearing a white top, denim jacket, and pink floral-print mini—receiving some harsh criticism from her art teacher as she tries to sketch a male form.

Catching a flannel-clad Giabiconi's eye, she wanders over to his easel to discover that he has been sketching her. Hunger strikes, so she fetches a Magnum chocolate bar from the freezer, savoring the tasty treat.

Instead of brain freeze, she's suddenly struck with mad artistic skills, returning to her easel as her teacher nods approvingly. Fin.

Here's hoping she has a Karl Lagerfeld–designed Diet Coke bottle to wash it down with!

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