Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson’s Magnum Commercial - Behind the Scenes

It’s certainly the chicest ice cream spot we’ve ever seen.

Last month, Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson got the fashion flock buzzing when Magnum ice cream announced it had tapped the iconic designer and young actress to direct and star in a series of commercials for the U.S. launch of the frozen dessert bar.

In the first, Bilson plays an art student with a craving for, yes, ice cream.

“The teacher told her that her sketch was bad,” Lagerfeld explains in a behind-the-scenes video (above). “The minute she has her ice cream, she works beautifully.”

In the second, Bilson is a successful ballerina. After she finishes her performance, however, there’s only one thing on her mind: “How can I get to my dressing room as quickly as possible to have an ice cream?” Lagerfeld explains.

Finally, Bilson plays a model. “A 5-foot-2 model, if you can believe it,” Bilson deadpans. Says Lagerfeld, “It was written for her, and for Baptiste [Giabiconi, Lagerfeld’s perpetual male muse], who plays the photographer.”

And while we’re not sure Lagerfeld himself is indulging in the Magnums—the svelte designer actually wrote a diet book in 2005 and creates stylish Diet Coke bottles—Bilson admits she’s an ice cream lover herself.

“I think it’s important to indulge in the things that make you happy,” she says. “Personally, Magnum ice cream makes me happy because I love sweets!”

The Magnum commercials will premiere later this month during the Tribeca Film Festival.

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