Karl Lagerfeld's Volkswagen Commercial

Karl Lagerfeld may be a genius when it comes to couture, but cars? That’s another story.

In an amusing new German ad for Volkswagen, the designer finds himself flustered after mistakenly assuming that the super-sleek vehicles are products of Paris.

The 30-second spot—which promotes Style, an add-on package for Volkswagen’s Golf and Polo models that includes fog lamps, alloy rims, and tinted privacy glass—premiered in Germany.

In the promo, Lagerfeld is seen on the set of a photo shoot, wielding a camera and wearing his signature black suit and sunglasses.

The German-speaking Fendi and Chanel designer walks among cars, seemingly boasting of their beauty and elegance and attributing it to the fact that they’re French. Lagerfeld’s model-muse Baptiste Giabiconi then enters the picture to discreetly inform him that the autos are actually German, causing the ponytailed fashion great to grumble.

Swedish director Johan Renck helmed the ad, which was filmed in Berlin earlier this month, according to WWD. “It’s a mix between coolness and iconic style,” Volkswagen marketing director Matthias Becker said of the ad. “Like Karl himself.”