Kardashian Kollection Knocks Off Designer Handbags?

Kim Kardashian being accused of copying designer bags

Photos: Nordstrom.com | Bagsac.com

Chloé Paraty (left) and Kardashian Kollection Tote (right)

Marital woes may be the least of Kim Kardashian's concerns right about now.

The Kardashian Kollection's exclusive handbag launch in Australia has been met with accusations of knocking off iconic designers, Fashionista reports.

While the sisters have already been sued by Monica Botkier for allegedly copying her Clyde bag, their latest Down Under collection appears to be inspired by the likes of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Celine, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and Foley + Corinna.

One is a dead ringer for Chloé's Paraty handbag (above), while another red leather number features Chanel-esque quilted details and a chain strap.

Complicating matters is the fact that, according to their own interviews, the sisters Kardashian—who presumably know their high-end bags—did the design work on their own.

"It’s our collection," Khloe told PopSugar Australia. "Me, Kourtney, and Kim design the entire thing ourselves."

"We’re really heavily involved in the design process from start to finish,” added Kim.

Stay tuned to see if there's any fashion fallout.

Kim Kardashian being accused of copying designer bags

Photos: Barneys.com | Bacsac.com

Givenchy Nightingale (left) and Kardashian Kollection Stud Quilt Tote (right)

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