Jennifer Aniston Tops Fitness’ Best Bodies List

Jennifer Aniston KaufmanFranco sequin minidress Elle’s 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute
Photo: Getty Images
Jennifer Aniston flaunts her fit figure in a KaufmanFranco minidress.

The Brits might have voted Helen Mirren body of the year, but when it comes to Fitness magazine’s 2011 hot list, it’s all Hollywood, baby.

Thirty-four percent of women polled by the magazine reported that they most want Jennifer Aniston’s body; the men polled repeated the sentiment, with 31 percent wishing their wives or girlfriends had the former Friend’s physique.

Halle Berry got 28 percent of the vote, followed by Beyoncé with 17 percent, Kim Kardashian with 15 percent, and Blake Lively with six percent.

Aniston also cleaned up in the best body part category, with 65 percent of women voting that they’d want her abs. Twelve percent preferred Cameron Diaz’s arms, 11 percent coveted Lively’s legs, seven percent wished for Pippa Middleton’s now-famed butt, and five percent wanted Christina Hendricks’s chest.

And the Smartwater spokesmodel didn’t stop there. The actress pulled a hat trick and topped the poll’s over-40 category as well, besting Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Gwen Stefani and Courteney Cox.

Of course, they didn’t leave out that one English rose—in the hottest royals category, 52 percent voted that the Duchess of Cambridge has the best body, while 18 percent chose little sister Pippa.

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