Kate Middleton Covers Newsweek

kate middleton newsweek cover
Photo courtesy of Newsweek.
Kate Middleton on the cover of Newsweek

She’s landed a prince, skyrocketed sales of British fashions, and been courted by every wedding dress designer under the sun. But appearing on the cover of Newsweek? Now thats a big deal.

With the tagline “Kate the Great: In a world gone to hell—thank God, a wedding,” the April 11 issue of the newsmagazine features a close-up shot of Kate Middleton’s face as she flashes that winning smile.

Calling Middleton “the first [future] queen of the realm to have fallen over at a roller disco in a pair of yellow hot pants,” the magazine charts the 29-year-old brunette’s rise from Prince William’s college paramour to royal bride-to-be/style icon and reveals intimate details about her private life.

Kate is straightforward, really nice, composed, feminine, and very British,” says jewelry designer Claudia Bradby. “Discreet and quiet, but with a strong sense of herself. She’s a really classy girl.”

Though she is the apple of the media’s eye at the moment, Middleton was tormented by bullying as a “pale and shy” child, with one former friend recalling that boys ranking girls from 1 to 10 would only give her 1s and 2s. She has tellingly encouraged wedding guests to donate to an anti-bullying charity in lieu of gifts.

While sources confirm that Middleton did indeed have a poster of Prince William on her wall at university, she’s more smitten girlfriend than social climber.

Kate’s not interested in [social] position,” a source tells Newsweek. “Her attitude is more like ‘William’s my man.’ There’s this incredible possessiveness, and she was damned if she was going to lose him to another girl who loved him less than she does.”

Middleton reportedly cooks and draws baths for Prince William at their shared home and is said to possess an uncanny intuitiveness about her future mate that has helped her weather two painful breakups. Now, a split is unthinkable.

“They took so long getting engaged because they are aware that they can’t ever get a divorce,” a source close to William says. “They know the monarchy would be in a very bad place if they divorced … so the question was not, Will we be married forever? The question was, Will we be happy? Not only do they have to consider how they’re going to get along, but they have to do it with all the exceptional and unusual pressures that are going to be placed on them. They spent a long time dwelling on that.”

For more of the Kate Middleton feature, visit Newsweek online and pick up the April 11 issue, on sale now.

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