‘Sex and the City’ Fragrance Counterfeits Top Customs Seizures List

'Sex & The City Gold EDP,' £14.99
Sex & The City Gold EDP.

Looks like counterfeiters are getting "Carried" away with Sex and the City perfume.

Imposter versions of the scent inspired by the HBO hit were the most "frequently intercepted" counterfeit fragrance seized by U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) in 2011, Women's Wear Daily reports.

Of the 138 commercial perfume shipments analyzed for possible trademark infringement by the CBP’s Intellectual Property Rights “National Targeting and Analysis Group," 52 were seized for violating the Sex and the City trademark. Is this Samantha's comeuppance for buying that fake Fendi?

"Counterfeit perfumes are a form of theft from the brand owner, and protecting American intellectual property is a priority for CBP,” the agency says in a statement.

“In addition to the economic harm, counterfeit perfumes are also often contaminated with unknown chemicals that can cause serious injury.”

Yikes. The agency also estimates that the more than 1 million "bogus" fragrance products seized in the shipments were valued at $8 million, while the authentic versions would have retailed for around $45 million.

Imagine how many Manolo Blahniks that'd get you.