Fendi Fur Ban Lifted for Seoul Runway Show

fendi fur
Fur on the Fendi Fall 2011 runway.

If there’s one thing quintessentially Fendi, it’s fur—but that didn’t stop the city of Seoul from banning pelts at the fashion house’s upcoming runway show, citing threatening animal rights activists.

Luckily for creative director Karl Lagerfeld and his team, the decision to force the house to go fur free has been reversed.

According to reports, Fendi argued with city officials over the matter, saying that the collection had already been prepared and offering a compromise of showing fewer fur items at the show.

The event is expected to draw over 1,200 guests—including, presumably, many fur-clad celebrities. But though the guest list is no doubt full, slews of unexpected visitors may also be making appearances: the aforementioned activists, who will reportedly stage an anti-fur rally and campaign to boycott Fendi products.

Stay tuned for the June 2 extravaganza—we have a feeling the fur is really about to fly.

In related news, fur sales reached $14 billion in 2010.