Fendi Fur Ban for Seoul Launch

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Photo: Imaxtree
A fur look on Fendi's Fall 2011 runway

The city of Seoul is crying foul over Fendi's use of fur.

As the Italian label prepares for the June 2 launch of its Fall 2011 collection in the South Korean city's new Floating Island cultural center, Mayor Oh Se-hoon is asking for a ban on fur garments to appease protesters, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In response to pressure from anti-fur activists, city officials asked Fendi to pull any designs that contained fur. The label's response? Not a chance.

Now, Seoul is said to be considering pulling the plug on the event, which is expected to draw 1,200 attendees and is Fendi's first Asian launch since 2007.

"We have clearly confirmed social sentiment against fur products," Jong-Hyun Lee, spokesman for the Seoul City Government, told ABC News.

"I met with Seoul City Government officials last March and at this meeting there was agreed mutual excitement and cooperation for the execution of this premier event," Fendi CEO Michael Burke said in a statement issued by the label. "I'm surprised to learn of Seoul City's decision to possibly cancel the event."

Fendi is expected to continue discussions with city officials to see if the show—estimated to feature around 20 fur items, including fur coats and cravat-style tops—will go on.

In the meantime, check out the full Fendi Fall 2011 collection.