Nina Garcia on Fashism, Summer Fridays, and Style Must-haves

Nina Garcia
Photo courtesy of Fashism
Nina Garcia gives her summer style tips.

The hot and humid weather may have us rushing to air-conditioning, but that doesn’t keep those among us lucky enough to have summer Fridays off from indulging.

For those looking to make their TGIFs appropriately chic, the Web site has launched Fashism Summer Fridays, which enlists the help of style experts who provide readers with instant feedback on their user-submitted photos.

This week’s style expert? Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia—who also happens to be an investor in the site, along with Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Guy Oseary (also known as Madonna's manager).

FashionEtc checked in with the fashion heavy hitter to talk summer style and her warm-weather must-haves.

You're an investor in Fashism. How did you get involved and why do you love the site?

What I do like about Fashism is that is a very interactive, community-driven fashion site. We are all talking about how the Web 2.0 is democratizing fashion. I think Fashism not only gives voice to the internet users but also takes into consideration their opinion. Furthermore, Fashism is a very fun website and I love to spend time watching what people are wearing around the world.

What's your summer style philosophy?

Keep it fun, simple and comfortable. And there's nothing worse than being a fashion victim in the summer.

What advice would you give people on how to dress for the heat?

Look for natural fabrics. Dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes (as you know, I love sandals). Have fun with the colors and prints. This summer is all about bright colors, stripes and prints.

What are your favorite summer pieces?

Havaianas—can't live without them.

Espadrilles, the ultimate summer shoe.

Aviators...must-have sunglasses.

A Hat—very chic.

Bikini. The key to wearing a bikini is CONFIDENCE! Obsessing with your body when you are next to the pool or the ocean is the least stylish thing in the world.

Polo shirt—love the Scarlett Johansson look in the movie Lost in Translation.

iPod/iPhone. Summer without music is a no-no.

And a great mojito recipe!

What's an absolute summer no-no?

My summer no-no is not wearing sunscreen. Always protect your skin.

What item should be banned from men's summer style?

Wide pocket cargo pants!

Do you prefer your summer or winter wardrobe?

I love them both... Impossible to choose. There's nothing better than being stylish 365 days of the year. Style is a muscle, it has to be exercised every day.

What's your favorite summer beauty tip?

Sunscreen at all times even under makeup! Don't assume products have SPF. As always: Take precautions! For the hair, the dry shampoo spray is great to get extra volume ...

Any must-have summer beauty products?

I love Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence! It's light and it doesn't clog my pores!

What's your favorite way to spend a summer Friday?

With my family, next to a pool, or enjoying a beautiful sunset with a glass of great wine.

What's you favorite weekend destination?

I like to escape to the Hamptons during summer. New York is a very intense city, so it's nice to have the chance to disconnect and enjoy some family quality time.

Favorite summer song?

So I think this summer favorite song is "Rabiosa" by Shakira. Love the merengue bytes of the track ... As I mentioned before, a summer without music is a big no-no. Love Florence + The Machine, "Beautiful People" by Chris Brown, Beyoncé's new album, some music from Brazil ... I love to have a lot of different music styles on my iPod. As in fashion, an iPod playlist is all about mixing!

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