10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Women on the Go

You're constantly inspired by her — the go-getter woman in your life who is full of optimism and energy. She's moving from one project, meeting, event, or adventure to the next, so it's vital to make Valentine's Day so special she'll be thinking about it all year long. Valentine's Day is about showing that person in your life how much you treasure her, so this year get her something that will help her stay on top of her busy schedule. From luxury watches to comfortable loungewear, there are plenty of fantastic gift options for the active woman in your life.

1. A One-of-a-Kind Luxury Watch

If her schedule is full, there's no doubt that the woman in your life needs a good watch. Time management is necessary for her to quickly shift between being at work, running errands, and going out with friends and family, so why not give her the best there is to offer? Luxury watches make great statement pieces and can act as heirlooms to pass down to future generations. Gift her a world-renowned Patek Philippe watch with elegant and sporty designs for every fashion preference or an award-winning women's Rolex. Every time she wears it — not to mention every time she receives a compliment on her new favorite accessory — she'll be thinking of you.

2. Stress-Reducing Hand Cream

We are all sometimes guilty of putting ourselves on the back burner when we get busy, so get the important woman in your life something to help her relax even when she's hard at work. Lotions with essential oils are beneficial. According to research, they can help with anything from stress to nausea. A cruelty-free and paraben-free lotion in her favorite scent would be a thoughtful option for this year's Valentine's Day gift.

3. The Perfect On-the-Go Bag

Getting her a perfectly sized bag is another great gifting option for the woman in your life who is constantly on the go. When choosing a bag, make sure to balance beauty and function. Select something that is the right size for her to wear comfortably while fitting all the things she needs throughout the day — a computer, tablet, wallet, phone charger, water bottle, and so on. Also, consider what style of bags she likes, whether it's a tote, messenger bag, backpack, or something different altogether.

4. A Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Surprise the woman in your life by getting her a self-cleaning water bottle for a functional necessity that won't end up in the sink. These water bottles kill viruses and bacteria while ensuring clean, fresh water every time. However, something to keep in mind. It does not remove metals or other particles from the water, so as long as you use purified or filtered water, it's a great, healthy choice.

5. Gourmet Coffee

Early mornings and late nights can add up quickly, which is why the woman in your life could use a gourmet pick-me-up this Valentine's Day. Single-origin or flavored, there are plenty of delicious, flavorful options that will make her mornings a little bit more special. Pair it with breakfast in bed, and you'll have the perfect start to your Valentine's Day.

6. Lightning Charger

We've all been in that situation where we're still out and about and realize that our phone battery is running low. Give the woman in your life a lightning charger that can easily fit into her purse so that moments like that don't slow her down.

7. Lightweight Jacket

If she's regularly moving from place to place, a lightweight jacket is a great option no matter what time of year. In the winter months, she could layer a light coat with her winter gear or use it to layer on those days with lots of changes in temperature. A good jacket will keep the woman in your life comfortable no matter the situation.

8. A Portable Body Spray

Carrying a small, portable body spray is a great way to stay refreshed throughout the day. Getting a body spray that doesn't take a lot of room in her bag or purse is an excellent option for the busy woman in your life. Find her favorite scent and get her a bottle that fits in her car's console or glove box so she can freshen up whenever she's out.

9. Comfortable Shoes

A great set of shoes is great for the active woman in your life. if she walks to work or has an active lifestyle, she could always use a set of go-to sneakers that can be dressed up or down in any situation. This is also an excellent gift for a health-conscious woman because it is essential to wear good shoes. Shoes that don't fit properly can cause all types of ailments, like bunions and even arthritis. So help keep your loved one healthy with a podiatrist-recommended pair of active lifestyle shoes.

10. Cozy Loungewear

When the woman in your life finally has a rare opportunity to relax and refresh herself, a comfortable and stylish pair of joggers or a loungewear set would make a thoughtful gift. Loungewear onesies and robes are trending this year, but gauge her fashion likes and dislikes before you make a final decision.

The Choice Is Yours

You have many options for the woman in your life this Valentine's Day, no matter her style. Ultimately, you know what she would enjoy. The fundamental goal of this holiday is to make her happy. She's always active and engaged, so take the day to relax and make memories together before she returns to taking life by the horns.