Kate Middleton Ranked Third Most Beautiful Royal, Tops Princess Diana

Kate Middleton Fashion Buzzword
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Kate Middleton has been ranked the third most beautiful royal.

She may not be a fan of tiaras, but princess-in-waiting Kate Middleton has earned her crown as one of the most beautiful royals in history.

In a survey of 127,000 people conducted by dating Web site, Middleton ranked third on a list of the 10 most beautiful royal women, landing one spot above her future husband's late mother, Princess Diana. Taking first and second place? Princess Grace of Monaco and Queen Rania of Jordan, respectively.

“Kate Middleton is no typical beauty,” said managing director Greg Hodge, according to the Telegraph. “But her style, deportment, and immaculate grooming have clearly won her an army of admirers, propelling her to the same heights as Princess Grace and Queen Rania.”

Middleton's mate Prince William ranked slightly lower, coming in fifth—right behind his brother Harry—on the top 10 list of the most beautiful royal men. Their dad, Prince Charles, took last place.

The rest of William’s relatives, however, fared much worse: Grandfather Prince Philip, stepmom Camilla, aunt Princess Anne, uncle Prince Andrew, Andrew’s ex Sarah Ferguson, and their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, all made it onto the, er, not-so-beautiful list. Alongside Princess Fiona of Shrek.

Now that Middleton is joining the royal family, expect an about face, says’s Hodge.

“I think the world is breathing a sigh of relief that the British monarchy can only get better looking in generations to come,” he says.

Below is a complete list of the 10 most beautiful royal women and men.


1. Princess Grace of Monaco: 91 percent

2. Queen Rania of Jordan: 90 percent

3. Princess in waiting Kate Middleton: 84 percent

4. Diana, Princess of Wales: 82 percent

5. Princess Charlotte of Monaco: 76 percent

6. Princess Gayatri Devi: 75 percent

7. Princess Madeline of Sweden: 74 percent

8. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark: 72 percent

9. Princess Margaret: 70 percent

10.Princess Masako of Japan: 68 percent


1. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden: 88 percent

2. Prince Andrea of Monaco: 80 percent

3. Prince Frederick of Denmark: 76 percent

4. Prince Harry: 66 percent

5. Prince William: 65 percent

6. Prince Philippos of Greece: 62 percent

7. Felipe de Borbon, Crown Prince of Spain: 60 percent

8. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg: 57 percent

9. Prince Albert of Monaco: 44percent

10. The Prince of Wales: 37 percent

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