Kate Middleton: Flowers Instead of Tiara for Royal Wedding?

kate middleton
Photo: Getty Images
Will Kate Middleton forgo a tiara in favor of flowers on her wedding day?

Love may not be the only thing in bloom when Kate Middleton weds Prince William on April 29. The bride-to-be plans to adorn her hair with flowers instead of the traditional tiara.

Middleton—who will have six hairstylists on hand for the big day—was thought to be considering the Queen’s $10.5 million Strathmore Rose Tiara for her stroll down the aisle, but according to the Daily Mail, the British beauty has since had a change of heart.

Aware that her glossy brunette mane is her best feature, she now wants to highlight her hair with a few simple British garden flowers, including roses—and that’s a thorny issue with her future mother-in-law, Camilla.

The Duchess of Cornwall is said to be desperate to convince Middleton to wear a tiara. Though Camilla herself wore two different hats by Philip Treacy for her 2005 nuptials to Prince Charles—it was her second marriage, after all— she believes Middleton should follow the tradition and grandeur of a royal wedding by donning a diamond topper.

Both Middleton’s head wear and the design of her dress will ultimately be unveiled when the bride rolls up to Westminster Abbey at 11 a.m., according to the just-released schedule of events.

Meanwhile, Camilla has bigger things to worry about. The Daily Mail reports that during an April 6 trip to Morocco, she got a henna tattoo of an orange water flower design on her right index finger and was told it would last for several weeks.

“This will look good at the wedding!“ she quipped to the locals.

On the bright side, Camilla: You may not be the only one wearing a flower.