Malaysian Shoe Dating Scheme Offers Shoppers ‘Free Man’ With Purchase

Malaysian shoe dating store

Photo: Facebook

Shoes, and a date!

A Malaysian shoe store is offering to help shoppers meet their Mr. Right—and no, we're not talking about Christian Louboutin.

Shoes Shoes Shoes, a footwear boutique based in Kuala Lumpur, is making headlines thanks to its Shoe Dating campaign, which throws in a "free man" with every shoe purchase, The Huffington Post reports. (Can we get our travel agent on the line?)

In a marketing ploy straight out of Sex and the City, the store has teamed up with online dating site Lunch Actually to have its single male clients select 20 shoe styles that they would like to see a date wear. Each man then offers to pay for a percentage—from 10 to 100 percent—of the shoe's costs in exchange for a date with the lovely lady who buys that particular pair.

When a female shopper purchases a pair, she is given her online dating matches and can set up a date with the suitor of her choice, who will then reimburse her for the cost of the shoe. And they say romance is dead.

"Why sit and wait for Mr. Right to drop from the sky," the store says on its Facebook page. 

"Go do what you like most first—shop for shoes and live out your Sex and the City dreams (think Carrie!) and leave it to the professionals to find you your Mr. Big. with a possible discount of 100% to boot."

But while some ladies are leaping at the chance to land a man and a (free) killer pair of heels in one fell swoop, others are blasting the scheme as "unethical" because it puts women at the mercy of so-called sugar daddies.

Then again, even Prince Charming had to come calling with a glass slipper ...