Men’s Platform Shoes See Sales Spike

J Jeans by Jasper Conran Cyprus wedge-soled brogue


Need a lift? The J Jeans by Jasper Conran Cyprus wedge-soled brogues, sold at Debenhams

Step right up, fellas!

Men aren't the only ones getting a boost from the Cyprus wedge heels in J Jeans by Jasper Conran's new range. British department store Debenhams says that the stacked shoes are outselling expectations by an impressive 85 percent.

Since their launch in mid-January, the men's shoes—which feature a 1.2-inch heel—have already claimed the top spot on the store's menswear bestseller list. Do we smell a trend, boys?

“This will come as welcome news to shorter men everywhere," Debenhams spokeswoman Lizzie Singleton says in a press statement. 

"Now there is a stylish way to boost your height while still being on trend, as opposed to opting for the dreaded Cuban heel. In recent years we have seen women’s heels go to extreme lengths and now men are finally able to measure up.

“We haven’t seen a trend for platforms since the 1970s—however we are urging men to leave their vintage heels in the loft and opt for a more stylish 2012 version."

And if you need some encouragement, guys, we're happy to follow you down the platform path. It'll totally give us an excuse to bust out these babies from Jil Sander Navy.

Meanwhile, a new poll finds that men prefer to leave their wardrobe decisions to women. Fine with us!