Brad Goreski on ‘It’s a Brad Brad World,’ Rachel Zoe, and Putting His Relationship On-Screen

brad goreski
Photo: Tommy Garcia/Bravo
Brad Goreski talks about his new Bravo Show

Brad Goreski has gotten used to living his life on camera.

“They’re present, but they’re kind of like ninjas everywhere,” he joked of the camera crew that perpetually hovers around him. “You get used to having ninjas with cameras all around you.”

The former beloved assistant on the Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project has his own show, It’s a Brad Brad World, debuting on the same network January 2, 2012, and the affable stylist spoke to select press about the new series, his relationship with Zoe, and what it’s like living and working in the spotlight.

“The show is very focused on my building my business and me in the lead role as a stylist, as opposed to me in the assistant role on Rachel’s show,” Goreski said.

“I’m still developing the process in which I work. Bravo has a tendency to show people at the top of their game, and Rachel is obviously that person. I have visibility, but when I left [Rachel] I knew I had to prove myself as an independent stylist. I had to work really, really hard.”

Goreski’s first client after leaving Zoe was Jessica Alba—“I do owe a lot to Jessica for taking a chance on me,” he said—but It’s a Brad Brad World won’t be limited to the celebrity styling scene.

The show will also delve into Goreski’s personal life, with a spotlight on him at home with longtime beau, Gary, an aspect that Goreski admits he was anxious about at first.

“I was [nervous],” he said. “The thing is that I’m also very proud of my relationship. My boyfriend is such a great person—charming, funny, handsome. Of course there are nerves—it’s very close to home, and people can be unkind. But I’m lucky to be in a relationship with somebody for 10 years who’s such a strong supporter.

“I wanted to put it out there because I feel like it’s a positive representation [of a relationship]. I don’t think most people see what a gay couple is like at home. That’s an important message to send out there … any way to be visible and out and gay is a positive thing.”

And as for Zoe, Goreski insists that there’s nothing but respect on his end, though they no longer speak.

“Working for Rachel is a very special experience," he said. "To be able to learn from her and watch her work is an incredible thing. I wanted to leave with a clean slate because I saw what happened with Taylor [Jacobson, Zoe's former assistant] when she was dismissed. I didn’t want it to be that way, and I didn’t want it to be that we never speak again. Unfortunately, it turned out that way a little bit, for reasons that are unknown to me.”

These days, Goreski chooses to focus on fashion. His own personal look, which he describes with a laugh as “masculine, but also kind of showgirl at the same time,” has inspired plenty of men to embrace color and try a bow tie.

“It’s about being bold and being brave,” he said. “If it’s making you happy on that day, that’s the power of fashion.”