Rachel Zoe Celebrates Her Fall Collection at Saks

rachel zoe fall collection
Photo courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency
Rachel Zoe celebrating her Fall collection at Saks Fifth Avenue.

She’s already a Bravo TV headliner, but Rachel Zoe had a true rock star moment when she arrived at Saks Fifth Avenue for a cocktail party and personal appearance to celebrate the launch of her fall collection on Wednesday evening. Camera phones started snapping, the crowd pressed in, and a round of cheers erupted from the sizeable group that had gathered in the department store’s fifth floor café.

“This is very exciting!” Zoe told FashionEtc. “I’m very emotional about the whole thing. I want the customers to love it.” (We would venture that based on the reaction of those in attendance, she shouldn’t have to worry about that.)

“It’s pretty overwhelming ... and I’m pinching myself as we stand here,” she said of seeing her clothes in the store. “Literally,” she insisted, and demonstrated by pinching her arm through her leather jacket. On the sales floor: an array of sleek, ‘70s-ish dresses and separates that, as one attendee put it, is “so Rachel, but not like you’re in a Rachel Zoe costume.”

Of course, we all know how fashion goes: As she is fêted for the launch of the fall collection, work on Spring is well underway, and this season, Zoe will join the fashion week lineup with a presentation. “I finally saw a glimpse of the first prototypes today and the rest will go through next week, then we’ll start styling it out for the show,” she said. “It’s fantastic.”