‘Ab Fab’ Reunion Sees Eddy and Patsy Stalking Stella McCartney, Dissing ‘Little Drunken Pirate’ John Galliano

An Ab Fab episode that starts off at the Stella McCartney boutique? Yes, please!

After making a cameo alongside Kate Moss and David Gandy for a Sport Relief sketch, Stella McCartney has reunited with Eddy and Patsy for the Absolutely Fabulous tribute to the London Olympics.

Airing last night in the U.K., the show saw Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) complaining to her wacky assistant Bubbles about her inability to get into the designer's London boutique.

"There's designers who would kill to have me wearing their clothes," the fashion slave says. "I know I've put on a couple of pounds but there's fatter women than me out there wearing Stella!"

According to Bubbles, there is one designer desperate to dress Eddy: "little drunken pirate" John Galliano, whom Bubbles impersonates by slurring "All ugly people go to hell, go to hell and die!"

And while the disgraced former Dior designer outfitted Ab Fab pal Kate Moss for her 2011 wedding, Eddy's not as impressed.

"Darling, that would be fashion death," she says of wearing the designer. "I don't think even [Oskar] Schindler could rescue me from that faux pas."

Ouch! The episode also sees the gals gearing up for a "top-to-tail renovation" ahead of Michael Douglas's visit for the London Olympics, which calls for them to be "exfoliated, augmented, liposuctioned, lasered, and lifted, darling."

Alas, Douglas is a no-show, but we are treated to Patsy's suffocation-by-control-pants, jokes about incontinence and visible panty lines, and the perils of growing older (we'll never look at "swinging saloon doors" the same way again).

The episode ends with Eddy and Patsy at last running into Team GB designer McCartney, who appears unimpressed with Patsy's boast that she may have "had" her father Paul (or was it Yoko Ono?). Before long the two are escorted out by security, with McCartney branding them as stalkers.

Don't worry, ladies. We still love you!