Rihanna Hits the Sheets in Steamy Armani Film

Trust Rihanna to make tossing and turning before an early morning flight look ridiculously sexy.

For her latest Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans campaign film, the pop star rocks an embroidered bra and panty set as she fights insomnia the only way she knows how: hanging up the phone, flipping through a series of Memento-style Polaroids, and seductively writhing around in bed.

The black and white film directed by Ridley Scott's daughter Jordan ends with Rihanna sloooooooowly pulling on her tight-fitting jeans and leather jacket (no shirt? no problem!) and leaving to catch her flight. Or was it all a dream?

Speaking of dreams, does this mean we'll soon be treated to a steamy new Rafael Nadal men's campaign as well? It's been so long ...