Kate Middleton Sparks Full Eyebrow Trend

Kate Middleton
Photo: Getty Images
Kate Middleton and her brows.

Named the most inspirational beauty by Dove and the World's Most Beautiful Woman by People, it's no wonder the Duchess has been at the forefront of beauty trends since she stepped into the international spotlight.

From her (and Pippa's) sun-kissed glow to her glossy brunette mane and love-it-or-hate-it eyeliner, Kate Middleton has created quite the following of beauty devotees.

While her younger sister initiated the butt implant craze, the Duchess herself is behind the most recent implant obsession: eyebrows!

Kate Middleton's full, well-conditioned eyebrows have created quite the beauty buzz since the Royal Wedding.

After years of over-plucked brows taking over Hollywood, it's refreshing to see the healthier look dominate.

According to the Daily Mail U.K., The Private Clinic on Harley Street in London referenced a spike in numbers of patients asking for non-invasive eyebrow hair implant surgery since the Royal Wedding last April.

Dr Raghu Reddy, one of the U.K.'s leading hair restoration experts tells the Daily Mail, "While I do have patients who come to me who have over-plucked their brows, I also have women who come in with perfectly normal eyebrows, who are looking for a thicker, fuller brow to rival the likes of Kate Middleton."

Meanwhile, Eye Candy released a new product, LashXLR8R, to enhance eyebrows with a natural boost. Trusted by an increasing number of make-up artists, the serum has proved to strengthen and thicken lashes and eyebrows in just four weeks, conditioning and moisturizing them to improve density of brows and length of lashes.

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