Amanda Russell: Train Like an Olympian Part 1!

Being an Olympian may be among the highest badges of honor when it comes to being an athlete. It literally signifies things far beyond talent, it stands for perseverance, commitment, sacrifice.

I personally know what it takes to train and compete at the highest level. I WAS an athlete training for the Olympics, and although my career was cut very short (and very devastatingly), the training, the knowledge, the work ethic and above all, the mental and physical strength will live on in me forever. Why do I tell you this? I tell you this because I learned something very profound through my time as an athlete, and more importantly, through my time ‘post-athlete’. We all have that inner athlete in us—the secret is it’s 90% in your head, so make the commitment to set a goal, to go after it.

I have designed the workout below based on my own training, this workout is not only effective and will breed some pretty incredible results, but mentally it’s tough REALLY tough. The idea is not for you to master it right away, it’s for you to train with it, work towards it, go after it with all that you have. Yes, you will fall, it will be hard, there will be times throughout when you want to give up, but during those times, call on your inner athlete. When your body says ‘no’, make the decision in your head to say ‘yes’, test your limits and surprise yourself.

Let’s DO IT!

What To do:

The idea is to do each exercise for 30 seconds moving from one exercise to the next consecutively with little to no rest in between. Each circuit takes 4minutes. Take a 60-90 second recovery and repeat 2 more times. It’s SHORT, but if you do it right it’s more effective than most 75-90minute workouts!!

The Workout:

• One leg Skaters over barrier

• Inside Reptile + Push Up

• Burpee Jacks

• Hand Stand Kicks

• Oblique Mountain Climbers

• Hip –Ups

• Turkish Get Ups with Jump

• Dive Bomber Push-Ups

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