Amanda Russell's Spring and Summer Slimdown

Amanda Russell
Photo courtesy of Amanda Russell
Amanda Russell, dressed for sunny weather!

Ladies take a moment and imagine where you’ll be this summer. Have that image in your head? Great! Now imagine what you DREAM of wearing. Anything you wish you could pull off?

Summer more than likely stirs up images of teeny weeny bikinis, short shorts, micro minis and every form of arm-baring top, right? Enough to make 99.9% of us a little uneasy right?

Unless you’re 100% perfect with your figure, you likely feel you could use a little tightening or toning up. One of the greatest parts about fashion is dressing to FEEL good, but if you aren’t feeling good about your body, you won’t be rocking any outfit at your best!

Does this mean you need to spend countless hours and money at the gym? Absolutely NOT! Your body is your best tool, and you only need 20 minutes a day—I promise.

I have devised this incredible Slimdown in a Hurry Workout for you! Not only will you feel like a fashionista supermodel, but you’ll have a great time getting there. No hassle, no equipment, and just 20 minutes!

The key here is commitment. In fact, you can even bring this workout with you wherever your spring and summer travels take you (from a tiny hotel room in Europe to the beaches worldwide).

I recommend getting up 20 minutes earlier than normal and getting it out of the way – it’s 20 minutes that have the ability to change all 24 hours of your day, so get up and get started!

What To Do:

There are 10 exercises in one round. Perform each exercise for one minute, moving from one exercise to the next with little to no recovery in between. At the end, grab a drink, get your head back in the game and do it all one more time.

The Workout:

Total Workout Time: 20 minutes.

One leg Plyo Lunge Jumps – left side

Reverse Triangle Toe Touches (like in yoga)

One leg Plyo Lunge Jumps – right side

Reverse Triangle Toe Touches (other side)

Turkish Get ups with Jump

Plie Pulses

Outside Roundhouse Kick – left side

Outside Roundhouse Kidk – right side

Inside Roundhouse Kick – left side

Inside Roundhouse Kick – right side

That’s one round, try to work your way up to do one more!

And tell me when you complete this workout!

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