Amanda Russell: Take One… in the Hamptons

Yes, my career is in Fitness, and while ‘Fitness-ista’ does have a fun ring, people tend to think that as a ‘Fitness Person’, I must ‘live in workout clothes’. This is one stereotype that I am on a MISSION to change. YES, I love fitness, I love to work out, but I’m just as much ‘girl’ as any fashionista, and let me tell you, I think a HUGE part of why I love Fitness, is because of how it makes you feel and look. The same is true for clothing and so I believe they go hand-in-hand. If you feel great about your body and move it and work it, you can make a paper bag look good, if you rock it with confidence right?

As part of my mission to change this, I did a fantastic 4 week mini-series (alongside my special co-host Avis Richards) in the Hamptons this summer, in which I picked one week to showcase all my favorite things: Fitness (obviously), Food, Philanthropy and YES, FASHION!

Why the Hamptons? Well, not only does it happen to be where I choose to spend all my down time to soak up these ‘favorite things’, but it also happens to be a fashion epicenter. This is the iconic place some of the most famous people (from the world of Hollywood to the greatest fashion houses) come to unwind. And, unlike most beach communities, where women simply bring their swim suit and comfy-est apparel and take a break from ‘getting dressed’, the Hamptons remains a catwalk for the latest and greatest. Heck, even the gas station doubles as a fashion inspiration board.

SO, if you follow my arFit Show and Workouts, you’ve likely been working out your body, and now could use some inspiration of what the ‘who’s who’ are really wearing this summer. To get to the bottom of it I interviewed none other than the ‘Anna Wintour of the Hamptons’, the one and only Samantha Yanks (Editor in Chief of Hamptons Magazine and Gotham Magazine). Check out the interview to hear her take on what’s ‘in’, what’s ‘out’ and what will always be a summer classic!

AND, get a glimpse inside 25 Park, one of the Hamptons most exclusive boutiques, where I got to model the chicest looks appropriate for every event, from the beach to the benefit.

Of coarse, in honor of my true fitness self, check out this week’s workout, which will get you looking your best in the often scantily clad summer ensembles.

Love Your Fitness-ista,