‘I Heart Bill Cunningham’ Tees Hit Barneys

Barneys I Love Bill Cunningham t-shirt
Photo courtesy of Barneys
Love! The "I Heart Bill Cunningham" T-shirt is available at Barneys.

Want to send your favorite street style photographer a Valentine? Barneys has you covered.

The high-end department store is offering a sweet shout-out to New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham with the "I Heart Bill Cunningham" T-shirt from Bowery Trucks.

What better way to show some love for the 82-year-old documentary star and lensman behind some of our most-beloved fashion images than by wearing this black cotton tee with a blue heart? Exactly!

Now let's just hope The Sartorialist and Tommy Ton don't get jealous ...

"I Heart Bill Cunningham" women's T-shirt, $65; available at Barneys.com.